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About Boss Tuner Pedals

Boss tuner pedals are arguably the most popular tuner pedals in the industry. Rock solid and reliable, the TU-3 is a triumph of function and practicality. Boss actually make a number of tuners, including non-pedal versions like the TU-10 Clip on tuner, the TU-30 tuner and metronome and the TU-12EX, designed to fit discreetly inside the top corner of the BDB-60 pedal board. The TU-3 is full of useful features and is able to handle extended range instruments such as 5 string basses and 7 string guitars as well as drop tunings.

Frequently Asked Questions about Boss Tuner Pedals

Question: Is the TU-3S always 'on'?
Yes, there is no footswitch on the TU-3S so it is always on. This tuner is great for crowded pedal boards!
Question: What makes the Waza TU-3W different to the standard TU-3 tuner pedal?
Apart from superficial differences such as the pedal's colour and blue LED display, there are two main differences. The first is that the actual signal path is 'cleaner' than ever, leaving no trace of its operation in your signal flow. The second is the choice to use either a buffered or true bypass circuit, allowing you the benefit of either type of technology.
Question: Where should I put my tuner in regards to my effects chain?
General practice dictates that you should put the tuner right at the beginning so that no other pedals can influence the pitch of the signal going into the tuner.
Question: What does 'chromatic' mean?
In reference to tuners, the term 'chromatic' means that the tuner will recognize all standard pitches within its given range. Chromatic tuners will display whichever pitch the string happens to be at rather that merely the 6 'ideal' pitches of standard tuning.