D'Addario Classical Guitar Strings

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About D'Addario Classical Guitar Strings

D'Addario Classical Guitar Strings are designed to offer a dynamic response, precise intonation, and a fuller sound for your classical guitar. D'Addario have a long history of making strings stretching back over a century including classical guitar strings that were originally made from gut before switching to nylon classical strings. Clear Nylon treble strings and nylon core strings began after 1947 when company DuPont offered new Nylon material as samples to D'Addario. Today after years of continued research D'Addario strings offer a smooth playing surface for every guitarist and the correct normal tension offers balance to the string gauges.

D'Addario strings are delivered in corrosion resistant packaging and offer an amazingly accurate, dynamic projection that helps you sound your best. D'Addario strings are made to the highest quality using a variety of materials such as nylon, phosphor bronze, silver, and monofilament material. With careful tension measurements each gauge set offers a balanced feel so you can find the correct gauge for your play style.


Why Should I Choose D'Addario Classical Guitar Strings?

  • Over a century of experience in making strings
  • Dynamic Response
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Wide variety of gauges

Frequently Asked Questions about D'Addario Classical Guitar Strings

Question: Which D'Addario strings are best for classical guitar?
All D'Addario Classical strings have their own unique feel and sound. Silverplated are some of their best but you may also enjoy their Phosphor Bronze strings.
Question: Are D'Addario classical strings better?
D'Addario classical strings have been made, researched, and developed for over a century and this experience makes them some of the best you can buy.
Question: Are D'Addario classical guitar strings good?
D'Addario classical guitar strings are very good, and used by many musicians around the globe due to their great tone.