Deering Banjos

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About Deering Banjos

Deering Banjos deliver the player some of the finest banjos on the planet, all handmade at the Deering Factory in Spring Valley, California USA. Founded and spearheaded by Greg Deering, for over 44 years the Deering banjo company have produced a host of instruments to suit a range of price points and ability levels, ensuring there's a banjo for everyone in the Deering range, from beginners to some of the world's leading country, folk and bluegrass players including Béla Fleck and Rhiannon Giddens.

Why Should I Choose a Deering Banjo?

  • Stunningly high quality
  • Excellent tones
  • All handmade in the USA
  • Range of models to suit all ability levels

Frequently Asked Questions about Deering Banjos

Question: Are Deering banjos any good?
Yes they are! From their most affordable range to their highest end works of art, Deering Banjos are all handmade in the USA from the highest quality materials to deliver stunningly playable instruments with fantastic sound.
Question: Who plays a Deering banjo?
A host of banjo legends including Béla Fleck, Jens Kruger, Rhiannon Giddens and Keith Urban, among many more.
Question: Where are Deering banjos made?
Deering banjos are all hand built at the Deering headquarters and factory in Spring Valley, California, just 10 miles east of San Diego.