Dunlop Bass Guitar Strings

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About Dunlop Bass Guitar Strings

Dunlop Bass Guitar Strings bring you quality, reliability and tone you count on! Proudly made in Benicia, California, Dunlop bass strings are the choice of many a top player, and come in a range of gauges and formats for whatever kind of bass you play. From their Nickel Wound constructed strings that deliver defined highs and strong fundamental, to Super Bright Bass Strings that deliver every ounce of your playing nuance, to their 5 and 6 string sets and even flatwound strings for that old school feel.


Why Should I Choose Dunlop Bass Guitar Strings?

  • Available in a wide range of gauges and formats
  • High quality, reliable construction and materials
  • Crisp, bright tone that stays bright gig after gig
  • String brand of choice for a host of iconic players

Frequently Asked Questions about Dunlop Bass Guitar Strings

Question: Are Dunlop bass guitar strings any good?
Yes they are! Dunlop bass strings offer the player a quality, reliable string that boasts dependable sound with superb fundamentals and a brightness of tone that just lasts for gig after gig.
Question: Which artists use Dunlop bass guitar strings?
A host of powerful iconic artists including Marcus Miller, Les Claypool and Mononeon.
Question: How long do Dunlop bass guitar strings last?
A timescale is a hard thing to pin down, but Dunlop bass guitar strings are built to last the rigours of a gruelling gigging schedule while staying bright and clear, night after night!
Question: Where are Dunlop bass guitar strings made?
Dunlop bass guitar strings are proudly made at the Dunlop String Lab in Benicia, California USA.