Epiphone Hard Cases

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About Epiphone Hard Cases

Epiphone hard cases are available to suit a variety of guitar models. Each is designed to fit a specific guitar design. Epiphone do not make generic cases. If you have an Epiphone or Gibson guitar though, you'll find these cases to be of an exceptional standard.

Epiphone cases are made with wood and covered in smooth tolex. Each case is decorated with the Epiphone logo in gold.

We keep official Epiphone cases in stock throughout our stores. Please visit us to view them in person or browse the full collection here online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Epiphone Hard Cases

Question: Which Epiphone models do you offer cases for?
We currently offer official Epiphone cases for the following models: Les Paul, ES335 (i.e. Dot, Sheraton etc), Dreadnought (i.e. Hummingbird), ES-339, Jumbo (i.e. EJ200) and Firebird.
Question: Can I use an Epiphone Les Paul case to carry a Gibson Les Paul guitar?
Yes, absolutely! Epiphone Les Pauls are made to almost exactly the same dimensions as the Gibsons. The headstock is a different shape, but this is not a problem for the case. An Epiphone Les Paul case will happily house a Gibson Les Paul guitar.