Epiphone SG Standard

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About Epiphone SG Standard

The Epiphone SG Standard takes a trip back in time to pay homage to this iconic design. You will likely have seen the SG in many photos, videos and on stage. Having been the choice of many bands from the golden era of rock and metal, it continues to inspire and break new ground. From Tony Iommi's dark riffs of Black Sabbath to Robby Krieger's unique style used in The Doors, this is a model that has contributed massively to the rich and varied history of music.

The SG Standard range features a pair of humbuckers for all of those big sounds. A selection of timeless colours are available including Alpine White, Ebony and Cherry. As you would expect to find, a 3 way pickup switch and 4 pots (2 volume and 2 tone) are present and allow the player to sculpt their tone to the desired selection.

Releasing the Standard at this impressive price point, Epiphone have opened up one of the greatest models ever made to a wide range of players. No longer is it a model only available to those with a lot of money. It can now be attainable for more guitarists than ever without sacrificing on materials or quality.

Why Should I Choose Epiphone SG Standard?

  • A faithful recreation of an iconic model that has stood the test of time
  • Created by Epiphone with the player in mind
  • Classic tones that will cover a whole range of styles

Frequently Asked Questions about Epiphone SG Standard

Question: Are these guitars only for rock?
No at all. While they do have a strong association with this genre of music they are in fact great in a variety of settings. They can move to the metal side with ease but also will clean up nicely and give great smooth tones making them very usable for pop.
Question: Do they have the same specs as older models?
While certain aspects of the design have been faithfully kept, some others have been updated to keep the guitar relevant for the modern musician. This gives the player the best of both worlds by keeping the retro feel but making playing as enjoyable and easy as it can be.
Question: Do they require a lot of maintenance?
While these models don't need any extra upkeep, it is still important to keep your guitar in good condition so it can look and play its best. Changing strings regularly and making sure the fingerboard is cared for is important. Storing your guitar in a case when not in use will help keep it in good condition and is certainly advisable for protection when in transit.