Ernie Ball Paradigm

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About Ernie Ball Paradigm

Ernie Ball Paradigm strings are the pinnacle of long-lasting performance strings. If anyone knows strings, it's Ernie Ball strings, and the Paradigm strings are some of the most advanced they have created. Using an exclusive plasma enhanced process, Paradigm strings come with all the benefits of a coated string such as removing defects and improving the corrosion resistance, but with none of the potential tone-killing drawbacks. Ernie Ball Paradigm strings are for the players who are looking for a incredibly reliable, great sounding strings that will last far longer than your average set of guitar strings.

Why Should I Choose Ernie Ball Paradigm?

  • Long lasting
  • Superb tone
  • Incredible durability

Frequently Asked Questions about Ernie Ball Paradigm

Question: What gauges are the Paradigm strings available in?
Ernie Ball Paradigm strings are available the following gauges: 9-42, 9-46, 10-46, 10-52, 11-48 and 11-54.
Question: Are Ernie Ball Paradigm strings worth it?
Yes. Ernie Ball Paradigm strings can give you great tone, and long lasting strings that will give you confidence, and peace of mind that your strings aren't going to break mid performance.
Question: Are Ernie Ball paradigm strings coated?
No. Ernie Ball Paradigm strings use an exclusive plasma enhanced process to improve their corrosion resistance, allowing for longer lasting strings that don't have negatively impact your tone like coated strings can.
Question: How long do Ernie Ball paradigm strings last?
Ernie Ball Paradigm strings will last far longer than most strings. How long that is depends on a lot of factors such as how frequently you play, style of playing and how often you clean your strings, however Ernie Ball Paradigm strings have a 90-day replacement guarantee for rust or breaks.