Ernie Ball Paradigm

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About Ernie Ball Paradigm

Ernie Ball Paradigm strings last longer than standard strings due to a special 'Everlast' coating. They break less easily because their ball ends are reinforced. This also helps them retain their tuning for much longer, making them better performing and more reliable than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ernie Ball Paradigm

Question: What gauges are the Paradigm strings available in?
Ernie Ball Paradigm strings are available the following gauges: 9-42, 9-46, 10-46, 10-52, 11-48 and 11-54.
Question: How long do Ernie Ball Paradigm strings last?
That is difficult to say! String life depends on factors like how many hours you put in playing, how oily and acidic your hands are and so on. It's safe to say though that if you are a Slinky user already, these will last at least twice as long whilst staying fresh and holding tune.