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About ESP LTD EC1000

The ESP LTD EC 1000 is an extremely popular guitar. This is an Eclipse, ESP's take in the classic Singlecut guitar design, filtered through ESP's own style parameters and given a leaner, meaner vibe.

The EC1000 is available in a range of different iterations including flame top models, Koa-topped models and different pickup options. Lots of heavy rock players choose this as their primary insturment becasue it is a perfect amalgamation of looks, sound, performance and playability. With top class hardware like Tonepros bridges and Grover tuners, the EC-1000 is a great value, professional level guitar. We always keep a range of EC-1000 models in stock throughout our UK guitarguitar stores. Browse for your favourite EC-1000 online or visit us and view them in person!

Frequently Asked Questions about ESP LTD EC 1000

Question: What type of pickups does the ESP LTD EC-1000 have?
There are several options actually and the pickup choice also determines the guitar's finish so have a good read up of the various models to figure out your needs. To briefly summarize, the popular matte finished Vintage Black EC-1000 has a set of active EMG pickups, an 81 & a 60. The Floyd Rose equipped model also has these pickups, often with brushed metal covers. The EC-1000 Evertune uses passive Seymour Duncan humbuckers, as does the limited edition Koa model. The EC-1000 Fluence has, as the name suggests, a pair of active Fishman Fluence Modern humbuckers. These will all deliver difference sounds and different options so it is often a good idea to play a selection to gain experience and understanding for how these pickups all affect and complement your own playing. Our staff will be more than happy to help you with this.
Question: What are the neck dimensions of the LTD EC-1000?
The LTD EC-1000 has a scale of 24.75", a fingerboard radius of 350mm (around 13.78"), a Thin U neck profile and has 24 extra jumbo frets.
Question: Is the LTD EC-1000 available as a seven string?
It is! ESP have amended the guitar's code to reflect this: it is called the EC-1007.
Question: Where is the LTD EC-1000 made?
The LTD EC-1000 is made in Korea. It is one of the guitars responsible for altering perceptions about Far Eastern guitar manufacturing: it's quality was proof to many that Korean guitars were being made with incredible levels of quality and integrity.