Fender American Elite Stratocaster

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About Fender American Elite Stratocaster

The Fender American Elite Stratocaster offers an upgraded experience of the world's most famous solid body electric guitar.

On top of the usual USA Fender quality, the Elite Strat has a number of excellent additions: noiseless pickups (4th generation vintage voiced models), locking tuners, a neck with a compound profile and a fingerboard with a compound radius of 9.5-14".

An HSS variation features a fantastic Shawbucker pickup in the bridge position. The Fender American Elite Stratocaster is available in some amazing finishes including Ocean Turquoise, Sky Burst Metallic and Champagne. As one of the UK's largest authorised Fender dealers, we have a huge selection of American Elite Strats in stock throughout our stores, all available to try out.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender American Elite Stratocaster

Question: What is a Shawbucker?
A Shawbucker is a humbucking pickup designed by Fender's Tim Shaw. There are two models, the Shawbucker 1 and the Shawbucker 2. Both are low output open coil humbuckers with a large, detailed tone. Fender's Elite Series Stratocasters use Shawbuckers as they blend in extremely well with single coil pickups.
Question: What are Noiseless pickups?
Noiseless pickups are special single coil pickup designs by Fender that give you all the Vintage (or Hot, there are two types) and none of the usual hum associated with these types of pickups. The magnets and wires are all coated to prevent noise, and they work superbly well. These are passive pickups which require no additional power from a battery.
Question: What is the benefit of a compound radius fingerboard?
Compound radius fingerboards, such as those found on Fender Elite Stratocasters, are slightly rounded at the headstock end and flatten out as they get higher up towards the body. This is because a slightly rounded fingerboard is more comfortable for chording (which is most often done at the bottom of the fingerboard) and flatter fingerboards are better for soloing since that tends to involve lots of string bending. Solos most often happen towards the top of the fingerboard so a compound radius fingerboard gives you the best of both worlds.