Fender 12 String Guitars

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About Fender 12 String Guitars

Fender 12 string guitars bring you those fantastically lush, rich 12-string sounds in a fantastic quality instrument that won't break the bank. Nothing fills up the spectrum of musical space like a 12 string, and Fender's 12 string range has to be a go to for anyone looking to add a quality 12 string to their arsenal.

Fender 12 string guitars are one of the most popular choices for those looking for an acoustic 12 string guitar. Fender's acoustic CD range includes a number of 12 string models such as the bestselling CD140SCE-12 which has a dreadnought body with a solid spruce top.

Another great Fender 12 string acoustic is the Villager. This has some great retro features including a 'hockeystick' headstock and a 'viking' bridge. These stylish details help the Villager really stand out from the crowd.


Why Should I Choose a Fender 12 String Guitar?

  • Fantastic quality 12 string guitars
  • Huge, expansive rich tones
  • Wonderful value instruments

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender 12 String Guitars

Question: Are Fender 12 string guitars any good?
Yes they are! Like all Fender guitars, Fender 12 strings are built to exacting standards from high quality materials and components.
Question: What are Fender 12 string acoustics tuned to?
Fender acoustic 12 strings can be tuned any way you like, but the standard tuning is the same as a 6 string but with the heaviest four pairs tuned an octave apart. For example, the lowest pair of strings are both 'E' with the thinner one an octave higher than its thick partner. The 'B' and high 'E' pairs are strung in unison to the same pitch.
Question: Are Fender 12 string acoustic guitars difficult to play?
Fender have decades of experience in making 12 string guitars and their designs are good quality with slim necks and an easy action. That being said, all 12 string guitars are difficult to play until you get used to them! A little perseverance will pay off as the initial difficulty is replaced with power, control and skill.
Question: Do 'solid top' Fender 12 string acoustics sound better than those without solid tops?
Almost always, yes. Having a guitar's top made out of solid timber allows the sound to mature and deepen, improving the more it is played. This is true of both 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars.
Question: Who plays a Fender 12 string guitar?
A range of artists have been seen with Fender 12 string guitars, including Gregg Foreman of the Delta 72 and Cat Power's band, and Tim Armstrong of Rancid, who has his own signature model!