Fender Classical Guitars

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About Fender Classical Guitars

Fender classical guitars are the perfect choice for students beginning to learn the guitar. These nylon string guitars each feature traditional fan-style bracing inside the body to give a pleasing classical tone. All models also feature a high gloss finish and the Fender logo on the headstock.

Fender classical guitars are available in 3/4 size models such as the ESC80, which is perfect for those who are younger or have smaller hands. They are also available at full size, for example the ESC105. These are both very popular first guitars and are available online and at every one of our UK stores, as well as a wide range of other classical guitars.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Classical Guitars

Question: I want to begin playing classical guitar. Are Fender classical guitars good to begin with?
Fender classical guitars make great first guitars! Lots of schools buy these for their music departments because they are easy to play, easy to tune, easy to maintain and very affordable. Fender classical guitars feature an easy to play neck and shape which makes them comfortable as well.
Question: Which styles of music can I play on a Fender classical guitar?
You can play any style you fancy on a Fender classical guitar...there are no rules! Some styles, however, sound particularly good with nylon strings. These include Flamenco, Latin, Cuban, North African and West African styles such as Highlife.
Question: Can I put steel strings on a Fender classical guitar?
Definitely not...doing this will break the guitar! Nylon string guitars should be used with nylon strings only. This is due to the lack of reinforcement in the neck of this type of guitar. Don't try to put steel strings on them!