Fender Left Handed Bass

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About Left Handed Fender Bass

Fender left handed bass guitars make up a massive part of our left handed inventory. After all, Fender make the two most iconic bass guitar designs in history in the form of the Precision bass and the Jazz bass.

We keep Jazz and P-bass models in stock from various Fender series' such the Mexican Player Series and the American Pro Series. With a wide range of finishes available in every UK store, guitarguitar has more choice of left handed Fender basses than anywhere else in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Left Handed Bass

Question: Which guitarguitar stores stock left handed Fender basses?
Every one of our stores throughout the UK keeps stock of these excellent left handed basses. Pop into any guitarguitar store or buy online if you are too far away!
Question: What is the most popular left handed Fender bass?
The most popular left handed Fender bass is the American Professional Precision Bass in Olympic White, with the American Pro Jazz bass in Black following close on its heels.
Question: What is the best left handed Fender bass for beginners?
Beginners may want to check out Squier models but for Fender, we recommend the Player Jazz bass in whichever finish you prefer! It has an easy slim neck and is very comfortable to get started on.