Fender Player Lead Series

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About Fender Lead

Created in 1979, the Lead Series was Fender's response to an influx of high quality and affordable import guitars. The result was a stylish design that also gave players some new features. Paying homage to those originals, the new Fender Player Lead series is a welcomed recent addition to the Fender catalogue.

Available in a range of colours and styles, there is something for everyone. Both the II and III models have great sounding pickups so whichever one you favour, great tones are consistent throughout. A hardtail string-through-body strat bridge is used for its great sustain and six individual saddles mean that intonation can be precisely set.

Whether you are looking to play rock, blues, jazz or pop, there is a guitar in the Lead Series that will achieve those tones and also be a joy to play. With the usual high quality synonymous with Fender, these models stand up against any of the better known Fender ones and would be great for any player looking for a reliable and affordable guitar.

Why Should I Choose Fender Lead?

  • It is a stand out model amongst other Fender designs
  • An homage to a piece of Fender's history
  • The chance to have a unique spin on a classic look

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Player Lead Series

Possibly closest in looks to a Stratocaster, the Fender Lead body has a double cut design that gives it a unique look. Some different switching options also set this apart from the traditional ways.
Whether you prefer humbuckers or single coils, there is an option here for you. The Lead II contains two single coil pickups making it a great choice for those who prefer more traditional sounds. The Lead III has humbuckers for those who favour thicker sounds.
They sound great for most styles of music making it a good choice for both learners and performers. It would be especially good for those who prefer a slightly more unique style of guitar.