G&L Tribute

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About G&L Tribute

The G&L Tribute Series is astonishing value for money, perfect for beginners looking for a serious instrument or players simply looking for an affordable G&L.

The G&L Tribute Series are Indonesian made versions of the classic American G&L models, designed by Leo Fender and George Fullerton in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The Tribute Series features the S-500, ASAT, Fallout, Comanche and Legacy models. There are also 9 high-quality bass models in the Tribute Series including the JB-2 and L-2000.

The Tribute Series still boast the Leo Fender innovations that make G&L guitars so special. Innovations like the unique Magnetic Field Design (MFD) pickups which have adjustable pole pieces to ensure each string is balanced and Saddle Lock bridge which makes each instrument reliable and resonant. The effect of these little adjustments and improvements is a range of instruments which are incredibly consistent and playable.

What Makes G&L Tribute Guitars Different?

  • Fabulous value for money
  • Range of models to suit every style
  • Include G&L innovations found in American models

Frequently Asked Questions about G&L Tribute

Question: Are G&L Tribute guitars any good?
G&L Tribute guitars are seriously impressive. The thing that often lets affordable guitars down is the consistency. Every instrument in the G&L Tribute Series seems to be immaculately put together using good quality wood and hardware. The necks are fast and comfortable and the pickups are dynamic and clear.
Question: Where is the G&L Tribute Series made?
G&L Tribute guitars are made in Indonesia.