Gibson Les Paul Classic

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About Gibson Les Paul Classic

The Gibson Les Paul Classic has appeared in several forms over the years. Generally this has been as a vintage style Les Paul with historic detailing but a 'standard' price tag. The current model looks back to 1952 for its inspiration: a pair of P90 pickups provide an easy reference point to the design's origins.

The mix of Mahogany and P90 pickups is a heady one. Players who go for these models will understand the perfect combination of body and bite that makes a P90-equipped Les Paul a thing to treasure. This Les Paul Classic also features a plain Maple top on the customary Mahogany body. The colours for the finish are solid rather than transparent. They have a coat of nitrocellulose lacquer, so there is no need for figured Maple tops. A Slim Taper neck carve completes the excellent, player-friendly feel.

If you are in the market for a new Gibson Les Paul, make sure you pay us a visit at one of stores. Try one of these out next to a humbucker-equipped Les Paul. The difference is quite significant and very pleasing. As one of the few authorised Gibson dealers in the UK, we can offer you the best range of Les Paul guitars available anywhere.

Our Gibson Les Paul Classic guitars come included with a guitar hard case.


Why Should I Choose a Gibson Les Paul Classic Guitar?

  • Authentic Gibson Design
  • Unchambered body offers impeccable tone and sustain
  • American Made

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Les Paul Classic

Question: Is the Gibson Les Paul Classic a specific reissue?
The Gibson Les Paul Classic takes its cue from a range of 50s-era Gibsons such as the 52 standard and the 56 Custom. However, it is not a reissue. It is a fresh model which incorporates features from other eras, for example a slim neck more in tune with 60s-era Les Pauls.
Question: Does the Gibson Les Paul Classic have a weight relieved body?
No. This is, as they say, a 'full fat' Les Paul! The body of the Gibson Les Paul Classic is full Mahogany with no weight relief at all, just as vintage Gibson fans prefer.
Question: What difference do the P90 pickups make to the tone?
In a Les Paul, the P90s make a considerable difference to the overall tone of the guitar. P90s have body but also bite. Their single coil nature works well with the amount of Mahogany to give a balanced tone that has a bit of everything. P90s are the unsung heroes of the guitar pickup world and they really open up the sound of a Gibson Les Paul.
Question: Why does the Les Paul Classic have a plain Maple top instead of a Flamed Maple top?
The Gibson Les Paul Classic has a plain Maple top because the model is referencing the original Les Paul models from the early to mid 50s. These original guitars had plain Maple tops since the finishes were solid. These new Les Paul Classics have the same Gold and Ebony finish options, as well as a fresh Pelham Blue colour option. The plain Maple choice for the top is a sensible one.