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About Gibson Les Paul Custom

The Gibson Les Paul Custom is one of the most powerful and beautiful electric guitars ever made. Building on the basic design of the Les Paul Standard, the Custom adds numerous visual details. These include block inlays, gold hardware, multiple-ply binding and a 'split-diamond' inlay on the enlarged headstock. This look is known as the 'tuxedo' look. This is partly because it is a Gibson Les Paul 'dressed to impress'. It is also because the guitar stood out from the masses of tuxedo-clad musicians on the black and white television shows of the 1950s! The Custom is available in many finishes but is almost always seen in black or white.

It's not just the visuals that are celebrated with the Les Paul Custom. The thick, dark and sustaining tone from the Custom is as legendary as its handsome looks. 50s models were made only from Mahogany. From 1968 onwards, a Maple cap has been used to give a little additional cut and clarity to the otherwise thick tone. The Les Paul Custom famously sustains forever. It is widely used for its vocal, cello-like sound in some of the most memorable guitar solos ever recorded.

Nowadays, Gibson Les Paul Customs are made in Gibson's Nashville Custom Shop. A variety of reissues are available. Some have two pickups while others boast the 'Black Beauty' configuration of 3 gold PAF humbuckers for a luxurious experience.

As one of only a few authorised dealers in the UK for both Gibson and Gibson Custom Shop, we are in the rare position of being able to offer a large selection of these beautiful instruments. Browse the full collection online or give one a try at your nearest store.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Les Paul Custom

Generally yes, especially these days. The current Les Paul Standard has Ultra-Modern weight relief (hollow chambers within the body). This takes quite a bit of the weight out of the guitar. No Les Paul Custom models currently in production feature this. They are all full-weight Les Pauls and also have an ever so slightly thicker body so they weigh more.
This term can actually refer to both the 1957 three-pickup Custom and the more regularly configured 1968 two pickup version. It does depend on who you speak to on this one but marginally more people seem to associate the 'Black Beauty' nickname with the 3 pickup Les Paul Custom.
Gibson Les Paul Customs are currently made at Gibson's Custom Shop in Nashville, Tennessee.