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About Headrush Amps

HeadRush Amps are built to accurately recreate the stunning tones produced by their excellent range of amp modeler pedal systems. If you've upgraded your rig with one of HeadRush's outstanding floor units, you need an amp solution capable of reproducing every nuance of that tone, from your crisp highs to deep bass and all the subtleties of your effects in between.

HeadRush are a forward thinking brand who set out to change the way we think about guitar rigs. Their series of pedal based amp modelers give you a stunning array of accurately modelled amps in a neat, portable, reliable but endlessly customisable package. Combined with their amp solutions, you're ready to play any gig, any style, anywhere with absolute ease.


Why Should I Choose a Headrush Amp?

  • Works perfectly with the HeadRush Modeler and Pedal Lines
  • Stunningly realistic tones
  • Portable and powerful

Frequently Asked Questions about Headrush Amps

Question: Are HeadRush amps any good?
Yes they are! HeadRush amps are built to perfectly recreate your chosen sounds form the HeadRush pedal and amp modeler.
Question: What are HeadRush amps based on?
HeadRush amps are based on a high fidelity PA speaker system, built to faithfully output the chosen sounds from HeadRush's outstanding amp model patches.