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About Hiscox Guitar Cases

Hiscox guitar cases are renowned throughout the industry as some of the best available guitar cases, offering a higher protection of safety for your guitar.

Perhaps the most popular style of Hiscox case is the 'Liteflite' range. These have been designed to be both unbeatably strong and surprisingly light. This makes them ideal for transporting your valuable instruments safely.

Hiscox cases are made with an outer shell of ABS plastic and an inner mould of a special foam composite. They are known to withstand significant levels of damage, with a reported crush resistance of over 500kg.

Upmarket custom guitar brands often ship their instruments in Hiscox cases.

At guitarguitar, we stock a fantastic selection of Hiscox guitar cases. Whether you play a solidbody electric, bass, semi, dreadnought, classic or anything else, it is likely that Hiscox make a case to suit. Browse the full range here online or visit one of our stores to view them in person.

Why Should I Choose a Hiscox Guitar Case?

Frequently Asked Questions about Hiscox Guitar Cases

Question: There are two type of Hiscox 'Standard Electric Guitar' case on your website. How do I know which one to go for?
The two cases are the Hiscox STD-EF and the STD-EG. The 'EF' is for Fender-style guitars. This will suit any guitar that has a relatively straight neck join such as S and T type guitars (Jackson, Charvel, Suhr, Tom Anderson etc). 'EG' is for Gibson-style guitars. It will suit any guitar with a pitched angle to the neck, such as Les Paul style guitars. Choose the STD-SG if you have an SG-type guitar. As always, if you are in any doubt, please visit or contact us and we can assist!