Hohner Harmonicas

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About Hohner Harmonicas

Hohner Harmonicas are the original harmonica brand and the bestselling in the world! To this day, they are still made in Germany.

Although Hohner make all kinds of harmonicas, they are most famous for making ‘diatonic’ harmonicas. These only play notes in a specific key so, as long as you choose the right harmonica for the song, you can’t play a wrong note! Hohner harmonicas are the weapon of choice for classic singer-songwriters. Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Billy Joel are all famous for playing Hohner diatonic harmonicas.

The better the harmonica, the less puff is required to sound a note. Good quality harmonicas will be made of metal and wood and be easy to clean. Beginners' harmonicas tend to be made of plastic. This makes them light and affordable. Hohner harmonicas have a huge range to suit every player.

What Makes Hohner Harmonicas Different?

  • The original harmonica brand
  • Made in Germany
  • Wide range of styles and qualities

Frequently Asked Questions about Hohner Harmonicas

Question: Does anyone famous play a hohner harmonica?
Hohner harmonicas are synonymous with the folk sound of Bob Dylan and Neil Young but they are certainly not limited to this. John Lennon, Stevie Wonder and even Ozzy Osbourne have all played Hohner Harmonicas.
Question: Are hohner harmonicas good?
Yes! Hohner harmonicas are the industry standard for professional quality harmonicas. Whether you’re playing a chromatic harmonica in an orchestra or busking in the street, Hohner make amazing harmonicas for everyone.
Question: Where are Hohner harmonicas made?
Hohner harmonicas have been made in Trossingen, Germany since 1857.