Ibanez Limited Edition

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About Ibanez Limited Edition

Ibanez Limited Edition models are special versions from all across their lineup. These guitars and basses are produced in limited quantities, meaning they often get snapped up quickly by Ibanez enthusiasts. Ibanez often refer to their Limited Edition models as "Spot" followed by the year, meaning it is a special run for that year.

They can be Limited Edition by having different specifications such as wood choices or pickups, or they may have a finish colour or style not usually seen on that model. They can be found across all the Ibanez ranges and are well worth looking out for. As the Limited Edition models aren't specific to any single design or series, there is something suitable for every style of music and all levels of players. An Ibanez Limited Edition guitar can be a great way to get an extra special guitar at an attractive price.

Why Should I Choose Ibanez Limited Edition Guitars?

  • They are made in limited numbers
  • Many become very sought after and collectible
  • A great way to set yourself apart from the crowd

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez Limited Edition

Question: Are Ibanez Limited Edition guitars good?
Yes, Ibanez Limited Edition guitars are very good guitars as they are a special version that provides something more unique than standard production models.
Question: What makes an Ibanez guitar Limited Edition?
A Limited Edition Ibanez guitar usually has a different colour finish or features not usually found on that model and they are made in limited numbers.
Question: Where are Ibanez Limited Edition guitars made?
Ibanez Limited Edition guitars are made in different countries depending on which series they belong to. This means they could be made in Japan, China or Indonesia.