IK Multimedia Synthesizers

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About IK Multimedia Synthesizers

IK Multimedia Synthesizers are loved for their advanced features and compact size. Instruments like the IK Multimedia Uno feature a massive analog sound that's delivered via a pure analog audio path with a separate white noise generator.

IK Multimedia acclaimed synths are host to an intuitive user interface that delivers modern synth sounds instantly and are designed in an usb powered ultra portable format. In addition to the excellent user face, the proprietary Uno Synth Editor lets you get the most out of your real analog synth by enabling fast creation of sounds, plus easy editing and storing of your patches.

IK Multimedia Synthesizers are also CV/Gate compatible, allowing for easy interaction with other audio devices, synth modules and noise generators, which lets you easily integrate your true analog synthesizer with other analog modules to great a huge sound using a full analog audio path.


Why Should I Choose an IK Multimedia Synthesizer?

  • Great sounds
  • Easy to work with
  • Compact and portable

Frequently Asked Questions about IK Multimedia Synthesizers

Question: Are IK Multimedia synthesizers any good?
Yes, IK Multimedia have utilised their Italian heritage for technology and innovation to develop some of our favourite modern analog synths.
Question: What is the best IK Multimedia synthesizer for beginners?
The IK Multimedia UNO synths are an ideal for beginners.
Question: Are IK Multimedia synthesizers digital or analog?
IK Multimedia synthesizers use analog oscillators.
Question: What type of synthesis do the IK Multimedia synthesizers use?
IK Multimedia synths use analog paraphonic synthesis.