Laney Ironheart

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About Laney Ironheart

The Laney Ironheart range of guitar amps are specifically designed for Heavy Rock and Metal styles.

The Laney Ironheart is available in a range of models. The collection includes a number of combos, heads and accompanying cabinets. These are all designed for extracting the heaviest sounds imaginable from a guitar. Laney is the first choice for Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi, so the brand knows a thing or two about 'heavy'! The Ironheart head is available in a rackmounted form too.

Ironheart amplifiers are completely tube-driven for pure valve tone.

As a major authorised UK Laney dealer, we have a huge selection of these amps available to try out in-store or browse online!

Frequently Asked Questions about Laney Ironheart

Question: What are all of the different Laney Ironheart heads?
The following models comprise the entire range of Laney Lionheart heads: IRT15H 15 watts, IRT60H 60 watts, IRT120H 120 watts and IRT-Studio (rackmounted).
Question: Which speakers are used in the Laney Ironheart combos?
The speakers are custom designed 12" units from HH.