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About Laney Ironheart

The Laney Ironheart range of guitar amps was released in 2011 and it reaffirmed Laney's position as one of the premier manufacturers in high gain tone as they're specifically designed for Heavy Rock and Metal styles. Out of the gate the Laney Ironheart series had amazing tone and a wealth of options to control your sound as well as versatile output options making it ideal for musicians of all levels from bedroom to stage. Powered by a selection of ECC83 preamp valves & 6L6 output valves the Ironheart is set for a huge tone and with features such as push/pull EQ shift pots, master presence control, an FX loop, dynamics control, pre-boost function, XLR and USB audio connections, the Ironheart is plenty versatile.

The Laney Ironheart series continues to be the choice for many guitarists today with a variety of options such as the bigger heads and combos, the Irt-Studio which is great for at home or studio offering an easy platform for original recording, the IRT-SLS which offers a huge 300 watts of output power in a tiny package. The Ironheart range has even expanded into super compact offerings such as the IRF-Loudpedal, and the IRF Leadtop and Dualtop amps.

The Ironheart can also be used with a footswitch which can be used to change channels, activate the digital reverb and even for the footswitchable pre boost. If you're after an amp which offers excellent clean, rhythm, and lead guitar tones for heavy music styles it's hard to beat the Ironheart at its price.

The Laney Ironheart is available in a range of models. The collection includes a number of combos, heads and accompanying cabinets. These are all designed for extracting the heaviest sounds imaginable from a guitar. Laney is the first choice for Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi, so the brand knows a thing or two about 'heavy'! The Ironheart head is available in a rackmounted form too.

Why Should I Choose Laney Ironheart?

  • Laney Ironheart amps are designed for and excel at heavy tones
  • Comes in a variety of formats for home use, studio use, and stage use
  • Emulated speaker out provides additional versatility

Frequently Asked Questions about Laney Ironheart

Question: What is Laney Ironheart?
The Laney Ironheart series is a line of amplifiers designed for Modern and high gain styles of music.
Question: Is Laney Ironheart any good?
Yes, the Laney Ironheart series builds on the decades of experience Laney amplifiers have to create a modern amp line that is perfect for rock and metal.
Question: Where is Laney Ironheart made?
Laney Ironheart is designed and engineered in the UK and made in China.
Question: What are all of the different Laney Ironheart heads?
The following models comprise the entire range of Laney Lionheart heads: IRT15H 15 watts, IRT60H 60 watts, IRT120H 120 watts and IRT-Studio (rackmounted).
Question: Which speakers are used in the Laney Ironheart combos?
The speakers are custom designed 12" units from HH.