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About Martin Guitar Polish / Polishing Cloths

Martin Guitar Polish is an excellent way to get the most out of your prized acoustic guitar. Their selection of premium guitar polish along with the Martin guitar polishing cloth gives you all you need from one of the most respected names in acoustic guitars. Use Martin guitar polish to keep Martin guitars in pristine condition as well as add an amazing shine, even on a satin finished instrument. Whether you use at home or on the road before a headlining performance, Martin guitar polish is formulated to clean, restore and polish your instrument to its true glory.

Why Should I Choose Martin Guitar Polish / Polishing Cloth?

  • Formulated to clean, restore and polish
  • The same guitar polish used by the craftspeople at Martin guitars
  • Keeps your acoustic guitar in top condition

Frequently Asked Questions about Martin Polish

Question: Is Martin guitar polish any good?
Yes! Martin guitar polish is the same product used by Martin Guitar on their instruments, giving a gorgeous look and keeping the guitar in excellent condition.
Question: What is Martin guitar polish good for?
Martin guitar polish is good for keeping your acoustic in top condition, ensuring it looks and feels at its best.
Question: Can I use Martin guitar polish on a fretboard?
No, Martin guitar polish is designed to be used on the body of the guitar, as it cleans, restores, and polishes the finish of fine wood instruments.
Question: How do you use Martin instrument polish?
Martin instrument polish has directions for use on the bottle, which are to shake the bottle and spray onto a clean cloth for application, then wipe with a dry cloth immediately.