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About the Martin Backpacker

The Martin Backpacker is a fantastic travel guitar. Available in steel string, nylon string and left-handed steel string iterations, these unique Martin guitars are specifically designed to be light, portable and easy to carry around. The Martin Backpacker has a 24" scale length and come with their own custom carry bag.

Frequently Asked Questions about Martin Backpacker Guitars

Question: Why is the Martin Backpacker shaped like that?
The Martin Backpacker has been designed to be as portable as possible, without sacrificing too much in the way of sound or playability. The special design body keeps the tone sweet and surprisingly loud.
Question: Is the Martin Backpacker a full-size guitar?
Technically, yes! The Martin Backpacker has a 24" scale length and 15 frets so it is a short-scale guitar with a small body. You will be able to play without compromise.
Question: Where is the Martin Backpacker made?
Martin make their Backpacker guitar in their Mexican facility in Navojoa, Sonora.
Question: Why is it called the Backpacker?
Whilst the Martin Backpacker isn't quite small enough to fit inside a standard backpack, it has been designed with backpackers and travellers in mind. It is small, portable and comes with it's own sturdy bag for carrying around alongside your backpack.
Question: Do you use normal strings with the Martin Backpacker?
Absolutely! If you choose the steel string Backpaper model, you can string it with any make and gauge of acoustic guitar string you prefer. If you choose the nylon string model, you can use any variety and tension of nylon string. What you can't do is string the nylon model with steel strings and vice versa. This is true of all guitars though so the Martin Backpacker model is no different in that respect.