Martin 12 String Guitars

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About Martin 12 String Guitars

Martin guitars, inventors of the Dreadnought body shape, apply this design to a range of fantastic 12 string guitars. Martin 12 string guitars range from the iconic D12-28 to the affordable D12X1AE. These acoustic guitars are full of Martin heritage.

Frequently Asked Questions about Martin 12 String Guitars

Martin make 12 string guitars in both the USA and Mexico. For example, the D12X1AE, part of the X Series, is made in Sonora, Mexico whilst the D12-28 is made in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.
At guitarguitar, the Martin D12X1AE is the bestselling.
Martin have, over the years, produced 12 string guitars in a variety of body shapes but the most overwhelmingly popular shape for their 12 string guitars is undoubtedly the dreadnought.
Because of the extra string tension due to the extra set of strings, Martin use a relatively light set to string up their guitars. The Martin Extra Light .010-.047 12 string are used for the factory set ups.