Martin 12 String Guitars

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About Martin 12 String Guitars

Martin guitars, inventors of the Dreadnought body shape, apply this design to a range of fantastic 12 string guitars. Martin 12 string guitars range from the iconic D12-28 to the affordable D12X1AE. These acoustic guitars are full of Martin heritage.


Why Should I Choose a Martin 12 String Guitar?

  • Martin Quality Build and Construction
  • Superb, Unmatched Acoustic Sound
  • Crafted to Perfection

Frequently Asked Questions about Martin 12 String Guitars

Question: Are Martin 12 string guitars made in America?
Martin make 12 string guitars in both the USA and Mexico. For example, the D12X1AE, part of the X Series, is made in Sonora, Mexico whilst the D12-28 is made in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.
Question: Which is the most popular model?
At guitarguitar, the Martin D12X1AE is the bestselling.
Question: What body size are the Martin 12 strings?
Martin have, over the years, produced 12 string guitars in a variety of body shapes but the most overwhelmingly popular shape for their 12 string guitars is undoubtedly the dreadnought.
Question: What gauge of strings should I use with a Martin 12 string?
Because of the extra string tension due to the extra set of strings, Martin use a relatively light set to string up their guitars. The Martin Extra Light .010-.047 12 string are used for the factory set ups.