Mesa Boogie Bass Amps

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About Mesa Boogie Bass Amps

Mesa Boogie bass amps share the same engineering expertise and attention to detail as their electric guitar stablemates. Hand made in Petaluma, California, Mesa's bass rigs are powerful, efficient and full of inspiring tone. Their bass amps are available as heads, combos and cabinets in ranges such as the Subway and the Strategy.

Bassists will be able to choose as compact or as expensive a rig as they like with our range of Mesa Boogie bass products. We are a major authorised dealer and have access to every model and style, keeping a great selection available in store throughout each of our UK locations for you to try and buy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mesa Boogie Bass Amps

Question: Are Mesa Boogie bass amps good for playing metal?
The bassists for Mastodon, Metallica, Lamb of God and Incubus all use Boogie amps so we reckon they are pretty exceptional for metal bass playing!
Question: What type of speakers do Mesa Boogie use in their bass amps?
Mesa Boogie use their own design Neodymium speakers in their bass amps and cabinets for a lightweight, effective amp.