Milkman Pedals

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About Milkman Pedals

Milkman Pedals are designed and built in San Francisco, USA by Milkman Sound and it's easy to see just how high quality they are. The simple elegant design of their pedals keeps things intuitive and unobtrusive while you find your tone. No needless features to get in the way but every feature you do have is executed to the highest quality. Using some of the best components around including discrete OP amps which can be found in the Pop Top boost it's no wonder Milkman receive glowing reviews from customers. Their rugged chassis means you can also take this high quality tone on the road without worry of a few knocks!


Why Should I Choose Milkman Pedals?

  • Built in the USA
  • Extremely high quality components
  • Rugged design
  • Simple elegant looks

Frequently Asked Questions about Milkman Pedals

Question: Are Milkman Pedals any good?
Yes, Milkman products received great reviews from many happy owners due to their great sounds and high build quality.
Question: Where are Milkman Pedals made?
Milkman pedals are made in California, USA.
Question: Who uses Milkman Pedals?
Anyone after incredibly high quality tones and effects, only the finest components are used to build Milkman pedals in California, USA.