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About Milkman Sound

Milkman Sound are purveyors of the highest quality, vintage-style valve amplifiers and pedals. Hand made in San Francisco, California these products have a real boutique look, and their sound is as close to perfect as you can possibly get if that classic, vintage tone is what you're after. Milkman amps and guitar pedals are clean and ergonomic. With simple user interfaces they are a breeze to use, and a wide number of their products are compact making them excellent for taking on the road.


Why Should I Choose Milkman Sound?

  • Great Retro Aesthetic
  • Incredible Tonal Possibilities
  • Range of Options
  • High Quality Specs

Frequently Asked Questions about Milkman Sound

Question: Who are Milkman Sound?
Milkman Sound is a US amplifier and pedal manufacturer based in San Francisco, California. Milkman specialise in vintage-style equipment with a boutique look and sound.
Question: What products do Milkman Sound make?
Milkman Sound make a variety of audio equipment, but they specialise primarily in valve amplifiers and pedals.