MusicNomad Polish

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About MusicNomad Guitar Polish / Polishing Cloths

MusicNomad Guitar Polish gives your gloss finishes and guitar hardware a brilliant shine using a special polish formulation. MusicNomad's premium silicone free polish is non abrasive and has been specifically designed for guitar care, and can revive dull gold plating and scuffed surfaces and removes oxidation from gold hardware. Faded surfaces can be brought back to life with MusicNomad's guitar polish and cleaning products, just what any guitarist needs to get their instrument looking and playing its best.

Why Should I Choose MusicNomad Guitar Polish / Polishing Cloth?

  • Designed specifically for guitar care
  • Smells great

Frequently Asked Questions about MusicNomad Polish

Question: Is MusicNomad guitar polish any good?
Yes, MusicNomad polish is commonly used by professional techs.
Question: What is MusicNomad guitar polish good for?
MusicNomad guitar polish is ideal for cleaning your guitar and ensuring its finish lasts.
Question: Can I use MusicNomad guitar polish on a fretboard?
MusicNomad make polishes that are specifically designed for your fretboard.