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About MusicNomad

MusicNomad guitar care products give the home user an array of professional level tools and materials for taking care of your prized and precious musical instruments. The very same products available to home users are utilised by some of the top end instrument manufacturers on the planet.

From proprietary blended fretboard oil and cymbal polish, to patented string cleaner and innovative polishing cloth construction, MusicNomad apply all of their passion and ingenuity to every product they develop.

Why Should I Choose MusicNomad?

  • Approved and used by factories and builders at the very pinnacle of the industry
  • MusicNomad products are designed by musicians and builders for musicians and builders of any level
  • Their passion for their products continues over to their how-to advice and community

Frequently Asked Questions about MusicNomad

Question: Who are MusicNomad?
MusicNomad are a guitar care company founded by Rand Rognlien. Utilising his previous career in Car Care, Rand went on to develop a range of Instrument Care products that are 100% non-toxic, non-abrasive, and use the highest quality ingredients.
Question: What do MusicNomad make?
MusicNomad make a range of premium quality instrument care products and tools for caring for your guitar. Made from top quality ingredients, their cleaning agents are non-toxic and non-abrasive - they even smell great! Meanwhile their tools are high quality and built to avoid leaving scuffs and scratches.
Question: Who uses MusicNomad Equipment Care Products?
A host of top guitar builders, including Vigier, .strandberg*, Kiesel, Spector and Fender Custom Shop.