MXR Boost Pedals

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About MXR Boost Pedals

MXR Boost Pedals are sure to be the sonic secret sauce in your guitar rig. Boost pedals like the MXR Micro Amp let you tap into the legendary boosting power of MXR with their intuitive single gain / volume control configuration. If that's not enough control, the MXR M293 Booster Mini also features a tone control to really bring out the best of your signal chains. With many models to choose from, you're sure to find an MXR boost pedal that brings out the best of your tone.

Why Should I Choose an MXR Boost Pedal?

  • Get more gain out of your rig
  • True bypass circuit
  • Made in California, USA

Frequently Asked Questions about MXR Boost Pedals

Question: Which artists use a MXR boost pedal?
Some notable MXR boost users include Slash, Zakk Wylde, Robert Trujillo, Nancy Wilson and Stephen Carpenter.
Question: Are MXR boost pedals any good?
Yes, like all MXR pedals, they're great!
Question: What power does a MXR boost pedal need?
MXR pedals take a standard 9V power supply.
Question: Is MXR Micro Amp a boost pedal?
Yes, it's one of the most popular MXR Boost pedals.