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About MXR Distortion Pedals

MXR are a classic pedal brand from the US. They have a huge roster of pedals available. One of the most populous of these is the overdrive and distortion area. MXR make a massive variety of gain pedals that straddle numerous genres and types. Classic models like the Dist+ are available, as are fuzz effects, hard rock, metal and boutique style drives. There are also a few outlandish distortion effects, such as the Blue Box.

MXR pedals are as famous for their robust build quality as their tonal benefits. Many famous name players choose MXR for their distortion effects.

MXR are an influential brand: the whole boutique market is based, physically at least, on MXR's designs and layout. Some of the most respected pedal designers in the business, such as Jeorge Tripps, have designed pedals for MXR too. They are a robust and inspiring range of classic pedals and we are proud to stock them.

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Frequently Asked Questions about MXR Overdrive / Distortion Pedals

Question: What is the heaviest MXR Distortion pedal available?
Well MXR do quite a few heavy pedals but our vote would be for either the Full Bore Metal or the Dime Distortion. Both of these units have sickening amounts of gain, shuddering amounts of bass and excellent 'scooping' prospects. They are both similar sounding but have their own precise tone so give both a test drive and pick your favourite.
Question: What vintage-flavoured Overdrives do MXR offer?
MXR have a pretty huge roster of OD pedals. But there are definitely a few that stick out as being particularly great, especially for those all important vintage crunch/drives. We recommend a closer look at the following: Sugar Drive (every pedalboard needs this), GT OD (like a Green Screamer), Shin-Juku Drive (You would be crazy to miss out on this incredible overdrive!), EVH5150 (Eddie's tone, though not his high gain sound), Il Torino (Custom designed, really organic) and Il Diavolo (Same as above but with a completely different tone).
Question: What is an MXR Blue Box?
An MXR Blue Box is a combination of a fuzz effect and an octave effect. You can dial in a tone two octaves below your original signal and have that blended in with the fuzz. This results in a bold, glitchy, synthy sound that is quite unlike other fuzz pedals. Not for the faint hearted, perhaps, but very fun for those who are excited by more left-field sounds.