MXR Reverb / Delay Pedals

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About MXR Reverb & Delay Pedals

MXR are famed for their excellent quality effects. MXR Reverb and delay pedals play a large part in that, with some being thought of as iconic classics. One such pedals is the Carbon Copy delay. This pedal became an instant classic when it was released in 2008. Like most other MXR pedals, the Carbon Copy is simple to use, compact in size and sonically fantastic.

Various versions of the Carbon Copy delay now exist, including a 10th Anniversary model.

MXR also produce a powerful reverb pedal, the M300 Reverb. Again, simplicity and quality are the words that spring to mind. MXR's decades of experience are evident in these show-stopping pedals.

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Frequently Asked Questions about MXR Reverb / Delay Pedals

Question: What is the difference between the Carbon Copy delay and the Carbon Copy Bright delay?
The difference between the standard Carbon Copy and the Bright version is the clarity of the delayed repeats. The original pedal has analog-style dark sounding echoes. The bright version has, as the name suggests, much clearer and brighter repeats. Both are different and both are equally valid.
Question: Should I place my reverb before or after my delay?
This is an age-old debate but our official position on this is to have reverb last in your chain.