Our Expert Guide to Alternative Tunings

Published on 21 April 2020

We’d like to invite you on an adventure into a world of alternate guitar tunings.

Sounds exciting, right?

Yup! It is. Mastering alternative tunings can really open up a wealth of opportunities when it comes to playing, performing and writing tunes. Although it may feel a little daunting, especially if you feel that you've only just mastered standard tuning, switching up your tuning can be a whole lotta fun!

We are here to help you on your alternative guitar tuning journey with a friendly face from our Glasgow Store - Bobby! Watch the videos below to find out more.

And of course, unless you’re feeling uber-confident, make sure you have a tuner to hand. It will probably end up sounding really funky if you try to trust your ear for this one. And not the good funky. The bad funky!

Ready? Ok! Lets go…


Ah, sweet sweet DADGAD. This tuning is most popular in folk and acoustic music but can also be used on the electric guitar too to achieve some awesome sounds. With DADGAD it’s really easy to get creative so dive in and watch the video below to find out how Bobby uses it!


Looking to spice things up? Well, Bobby is here to show you how with this EADGBD# tuning, which he describes as a thinker. Intrigued? Keep on watching...


Used by the likes of Soundgarden and Bon Iver, open C tuning can be used in a variety of ways and is extremely versatile. So, whether you are looking to take your tunes to a new level of heavy or if you are wanting to add some depth to you acoustic tones, watch on...

We've only just scratched the surface as there are lots of fun and interesting tunings out there for you to mess around with. Experimenting with altered tunings is fun, easy to do and presents interesting new challenges for any player. What’s your favourite tuning to play in?

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