The Ultimate Chill Out Classics!

Published on 14 May 2020

In this edition of Rock Out at Home, we're taking things a little slower. At guitarguitar, we love nothing more than plugging in, turning up the volume, and rocking out. We’re talking full blast, high-voltage, annoy the neighbors type of loud. 

However, sometimes you've gotta wind down and master the art of chilling out. Take things down a notch, y'know!

We've created a playlist of our ultimate classics for when you're wanting to kick back and feel a little more relaxed. So, grab yourself a cuppa, take it easy and let’s dive into some of our favourite chill-out tracks. Expect nothing but ambient vibes, smooth melodies and sweet lyrics. Sound good? Okay. here we go… 

Little Wing - Jimi Hendrix 

Ok, we’re really not messing here. This chilled-out track needs no introduction. Seriously, is there a more beautiful sounding guitar part than Hendrix's Little Wing? It’s truly a tune that we’ll never, ever tire of.

Something - The Beatles 

There’s just something about this track written by Harrison, that instantly makes us feel at peace. It’s without a doubt one of the most chilled out tunes, and potentially one of the most romantic love songs ever written we say. From the first few notes of the guitar intro, our troubles have instantly melted away and we’re feeling uber chilled.

Pale Blue Eyes - The Velvet Underground

It would have been criminal not to feature at least one track by The Velvet Underground, or anything featuring Lou Reed really. Did you know that despite the name, this track was actually written about someone whose eyes were hazel? See, every day is a school day with guitarguitar. The guitar tone in this track is simply delicious, wouldn’t you agree?

Avril 14 - Aphex Twin 

A little piano number for you from the great Aphex Twin. And, there’s a good chance that you’ve already heard this one used in films or TV shows as it's certainly made waves in popular culture. Anyway, now you’re aware of this sweet, innocent and playful number, you now have to celebrate “Avril 14” day every year. Don’t ask, you just do. We don’t make up the rules here. Enjoy!

That’s The Way - Led Zeppelin 

Led Zeppelin - known for their hard-hitting blues-rock anthems, showing off their softer side and showcasing that they’re just as impactful (if not more impactful) when they drop the distortion and pick up the acoustic guitar. That’s The Way just shows us how versatile and powerful Zeppelin were.

Wish you were here - Pink Floyd 

You really can't argue with the classics can you? The song opens with the familar sound of a radio tuning away from the previous track (Have a Cigar), to a station playing Tchaikosky’s Fourth Symphony, straight into Gilmour’s timid, yet powerful strumming on a 12-string acoustic.

We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year.

Brain Eno - Emerald and Stone 

Behold, the King of Chill and Ambient Vibes is here. Yes, that's his official title. To be honest, we’d recommend listening to Eno’s entire back catalog if you’re wanting to be chilled on another level. We're talking next dimension levels of chill. So chill, you're gonna have to put a jacket on. Brrr. 

Ain’t no Sunshine - Bill Withers 

The track that gave Bill Withers his big break. His music the human embodiment of a slow, Sunday morning. Those sweet, velvety vocals are just what we need right now! A voice that wee can all Lean On. The ultimate Soul Man. 

Jolene - Ray LaMontange 

Ray LaMontagne's smooth, buttery vocal is the ultimate chilled out classic and it's a go-to for when we’re wanting to feel more calmer. It instantly makes everything feel alright again. Ahh. We feel instantly zen. Cheers Ray. 



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