CJ Masciantonio - Tools of the Trade Live Stream

Published on 20 October 2021

Run to the hills indie stummers, music is getting heavier again. While shiny pop may dominate the charts, there is a sinister, huge sounding wave of mind-blowingly technical guitar music lurking in the underground. More and more, we see young players visiting our stores and heading straight for our metal walls, eyes fixated on the riff ready, pointy and devlish axes of Schecter. Leading the charge in bringing back tones that terrify parents the world over, their guitars are exceptional quality and their selection can take you from the bedroom, to the studio, to the stage. They are just that good. 

As one of metal's most exciting and talented players, CJ Masciantonio is the perfect fit for the brand. His session work and songwriting means he needs a selection of axes to keep his tone in check and we've been curious about how he selects the perfect fit for each job. We're pleased to share that CJ will be joining us for a live interview to demystify the process and give some advice on how to choose the right axe for the moment.

Tools of the Trade with CJ Masciantonio

On the 26th of October (26/10/21) at 7:00 PM, we're excited to announce CJ Masciantonio of Galactic Empire, Tethra and countless other projects is going to spill his tonal secrets and give us a rundown of his huge range of Schecter guitars. We've always been fascinated by the gear behind his brutal tones and can't wait to learn more about how he uses his guitars to achieve different sounds and textures in his music. As a touring musician and high profile player, his knowledge of his instruments is incredible and throughout the interview, he'll be selecting a few of his favourites and demonstrating how he gets the most from them.

It doesn't matter if you love metal, or are just a guitarist who wants to take your recording and live sound to a higher level, this will be a really informative session where we have no doubt that even we'll learn a lot.

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