Adam Audio T Series Monitors for Guitarists

Published on 04 May 2022

When it comes to essential bits of gear in the guitar world, there is an endless list that just keeps growing and growing as you progress through your journey. From pedals to capos and everything in between, it certainly makes your birthday lists easy to write!

It’s easy to get lost in the never ending shopping list, but there is a key bit of kit that we feel a lot of guitarists may overlook in terms of importance: the studio monitor

In today’s blog, we are going to look at the benefits of adding a cracking set of studio monitors to your home set up and the advantages they will provide, and with our recent deliverly of the superb Adam Audio T Series. They have impressed us so much that we are we are going to focus on them today.


Let’s start with the most obvious reason. 

With a set of studio monitors you have ticked off a huge part of getting your own home studio up and running. Using monitors allows you to hear your demos and parts not just through a pair of headphones, but via some crystal clear speakers, giving you 2 different reference points. This is important because different headphones and speaker will colour your mixes and having 2 reference points allows for much better desicions when mixing. 

For anyone who doesn’t have the space for a huge set of speakers in their studio, which is more than likely a few of us, the T5V is less than 12" high and deep. These are perfect for that small home studio or small spaces.


Carrying on with the home recording trend, with a pair of monitors you can start dipping your toes into the wonderful world of guitar amp and pedal plugins. Companies like Neural DSP and Positive Grid have created some incredible digital amplifiers. They not only sound incredibly accurate compared to their analog counterparts, but also give you unlimited flexibility when it comes to shaping your tone. 

Let’s face it, not all of us can run a variety of 100w amplifiers in the house, well, those of us with neighbours anyway! So with a variety of amp plugins, you can jump from a high gain Soldano sound to something like a sparkly Fender clean tone with just a mouse click. 

Luckily, a ton of audio interfaces will give you some free plugins to use, like the Hitmaker Expansion pack included for free with all Focusrite interfaces. Loaded with a Marshall Silver Jubillee 2555 by Softube, ready to rock right out the box!

Modelling Units 

On the topic of having a bunch of amps at your fingertips, the rise in popularity and quality of modelling units gives players an entire world of tone in a unit no bigger than a laptop! To get the most out of these units, like the Line 6 Helix range or Kemper, you will require some form of flat response speaker. When we say flat response, we are referecing a speaker that have an even response across all frequencies, allowing for an uncoloured sound.

In venues, any good PA will do the job, but when playing at home, having a set of flat response speakers - such as the Adam Audio T7V - will ensure you get the best sound experience with your modelling equipment. 

Listening to music

This may be a little obvious, but a great sounding pair of monitors will enhance your entire listening experience. Casual listening, critical listening, learning songs by ear (which is a great exercise that will help your playing too!) are all improved when using quaility speakers. Let’s be real too, who doesn’t love listening to music in the best possible way?!

Tired of muddy mixes? Do your great modelling patches lack punch & life? Does music sound better in your car than in your studio? Then it's maybe time to upgrade your monitors! 

Come visit us to check them our and hear the difference yourself.

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