Lefty Weekend at guitarguitar Birmingham

Published on 09 May 2022

Southpaw shredders…the leftie event keeps on rolling!

We’ve heard such good things from all you lovely left handed players about our previous 2 left handed weekends that it's the Birmingham stores turn! A potential rebrand to “The Leftorium” may be on the cards at this rate!

You know the script now…all our left handed guitars under one roof!

The Details

On the weekend of the 28-29th of May our Birminghman store will be the host of all our left handed guitars and basses. No booking required, simply show up to browse an unreal selection of instruments ranging from beginner all the way to custom shop.

Mark the date in your calendar and head down to see the most impressive collection of left handed guitars in the Black Country.

Check out the Birmingham store information here 


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