Guess How Many Picks are in the Jar - Competition

Published on 01 August 2022


Those little bits of material we use to strum, shred, serenade etc...we all have our preferences on thickness, material and even colour! Honestly, some of the longest conversations we’ve had with our colleagues have been about plectrums!

So on that note, how would you like to win a lifetime supply of plectrums?!

Well…they might not last a lifetime because we all know plectrums like to vanish from the face of the earth (or down the sofa), but this prize should last you a good while.

The Details

Starting on the 11th of August (11/08/22) till the 19th of September (19/09/22) we will be sending a HUGE jar of plectrums across our stores with one objective…

Can you guess the amount of plectrums in the jar?

The entries will be open for 6 weeks, all you have to do is visit your local guitarguitar, fill in a competition slip & guess the number. Easy!

Check in with your local stores instagram pages to check when they have THE JAR at their store so you can get a closer look.

Happy counting 

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