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Published on 21 September 2022


Being a gigging musician is all about investment, isn’t it?

You invest countless hundreds of hours learning, practising and honing your craft. You invest time researching guitars, amps and effects. You then invest money into these tools/pieces of art so that you can play at your best, sound your best and feel amazing doing the thing you love.

That’s all great fun, but you also invest time, energy and stress booking rehearsal, blagging gigs and travelling to venues. It’s all a big investment, which makes it all the more frustrating when you arrive at the venue, only to find a clapped-out PA system and a bored sound tech who’s always sneaking away for a smoke. All of that investment - like it or not - hangs on how you sound when it’s time to play live.

Get Your Own PA System

Imagine you didn’t have to hope that the venue’s PA system was up to scratch? Imagine being able to work on your live sound as part of your rehearsal routine, and then perform live with a system you know? Wouldn’t that be excellent, and a real benefit/confidence boost?

A band owning a PA system is an excellent shortcut to ensuring that your gigs are smooth, and that you sound as good as YOU want to sound, particularly if one or more members of the band learn to use the system. It’s in everybody’s benefit - the band, the audience and the venue - that you sound your best and give a professional sounding performance.

Back in the day, that meant trailing around huge monolith speaker stacks that weighed more than the cars they were loaded into, but those days are long gone. At guitarguitar, we’ve sold complete PA systems and accessories for well over a decade, and have a dedicated room in our Glasgow store to demo them. Still, we felt that the experience could be better, so there’s been some improvement work done recently…


Glasgow PA Showroom

Visit our PA showroom in Glasgow and you’ll be met with a state of the art facility. Filled to the brim with PA from brands like Bose, Mackie, Yamaha, PreSonus, JBL and many more. We understand how difficult it can be to rely on specs alone when choosing a PA system, so you can visit this purpose built showroom and actually hear how various speakers sound - and indeed differ from each other - without worrying about pesky things like volume!

We have studio monitors set up too, but the main thing we’d love to share with you today is our new switching system! Yes, we have the entire Yamaha range of PA speakers here, all connected up to a special system that allows quick and easy switching from speaker to speaker. This means you can actually come in and hear for yourself how a DXR pair of speakers differs from a DZR or a DBR set and so on. Where else can you do that?

We also have a comprehensive range of mixers, so there’s the MG, TF and EMX mixers from Yamaha, and also top units from all of the major brands we mentioned earlier.


Make an Informed Choice

Visit us to try some music of your own choice through our switching system. Bring in your modeller unit if you want to try some digital guitar through various PA options, and if you’re a DJ, come supplied with your setlist and your most critical ears!

Indeed, bands who use backing tracks should bring their tracks down and hear how much difference a great new PA system can make for the overall sound.

A Major Upgrade

Investing in a PA system represents an investment: an investment in the future of your music, your business, your sound and your enjoyment of all of the above. Why rely on chance and/or compromise when it comes to the final element of your sound? You’ve already spent so much time and money getting to the stage of performing in front of a paying audience: owning your own PA system - something you can fine tune to your band’s strengths -  is the slam dunk at the end of the day that really wins the game for you. 

There’s no better place in the country to try out PA systems in a real, first-person situation, where you can base your decisions on what you hear, see and feel. After all, what else is there?

We invite you to visit our PA showroom in Glasgow and enhance your music’s future.

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