Published on 16 November 2022

Thank you for visiting guitarguitar! Like you, we are guitar lovers who want great deals and exclusive offers. We like special content and we like being the first to know about new stuff!

For all of the above reasons, we’ve recently created Myguitarguitar, a special customer loyalty scheme. Our customers are an integral part of our business, and we want to make the guitarguitar experience more personal and beneficial to you. It’s a small way for us to share some cool offers and access, and to say thanks!


What is Myguitarguitar?

So, what’s Myguitarguitar all about? Well, at its simplest, it’s a way of both personalising your experience, and of obtaining access to special offers and content. Basically, you sign up for a myguitarguitar account, which costs nothing. Then, when you visit our site, you can sign into your own dashboard, where you'll see a number of things relating to you. 

  • First off, you’ll see any current offers and promos that are active: this could be special money-off deals on particular guitars, early access to certain products and lots of other special treats that won’t be available otherwise.

  • You’ll also find a record of all of your previous purchases too, along with whichever personal details you’ve used to register with. You can navigate the whole site from here as normal: this is simply an extra page for you!

  • One great feature of Myguitarguitar is the early access you receive to pre-owned gear. It’s not unusual for pre-owned gear to last mere minutes on the site before being snapped up by eagle-eyed customers. By signing up for Myguitarguitar, you automatically gain 24 hours’ advance access to new arrivals in the pre-owned section. Simply click through using the Pre-Owned tab at the top of our site and you’ll see products that will otherwise be hidden for 24 hours. 


Sign up Today

Signing up for Myguitarguitar is easy and free! It only takes a second, and you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits straight after. Please let us know what you think of it all, because it’s still new to us too! We want to offer as much actual value to our customers as possible, so using Myguitarguitar’s features regularly will help you stay in the loop. For our regular customers, Myguitarguitar is a place for you to get a little more from your experience. We hope you enjoy the benefits and we look forward to bringing you a host of special offers, deals and content in the future!

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