Jared James Nichols Clinic at guitarguitar Camden

Published on 05 February 2023

Are you one of those people who believe they were born in the wrong era? Do you often catch yourself thinking, “I wish I could experience the birth of blues right in front of my eyes”? Then you MUST come to this clinic! 

Blackstar rocker, Jared James Nichols, is coming back to guitarguitar with his intoxicating BLUES POWER. So, if you think you’d sell your kidney to see Muddy Waters play back in the 60s, then you’re in luck: you can see his modern times equivalent and it’s free! 

Jared dropped his third full-length record at the beginning of this year and it is as wild, raw and energetic as the whole of Nashville blues scene all at once. With a killer band backing him up, Nichols blazes a hot trail of rock&roll edge as he tours Europe, showing off skills most of us could merely dream of mastering. 

The Details 

We are ecstatic to announce that Mr Blues Power himself will be joining us for another guitar clinic! On the 21st February, at guitarguitar Camden, the Old Glory slinger will host a night of pick-less blues licks in association with Blackstar amps. Jared is going to mesmerise us all with his contagious optimism as he talks us through his technique, current touring rig and how he nails the perfect rock tone with Blackstar amps! He is also going to break down some of his most famous licks and play a few songs with his full band! 

Bag your FREE ticket now for what we already know is going to be an awesome evening of electrifying Blues Power!!!


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