FREE Ernie Ball Restring Event at guitarguitar Birmingham

Published on 27 March 2023

What do Slash, Orianthi and Paul McCartney have in common? Aside from being absolute guitar virtuosos, they all use Ernie Ball strings! If you want to join the ranks of the top guitar players, make sure you follow in their steps in every detail. 

So, who wants a fresh set of strings for free? And who wants their guitar restrung for free by a professional? All of you? Knew it. 

Luckily for you, we’ve teamed up with the most rockin’ string brand on the market, the colourful Ernie Ball, to run a FREE restring event at guitarguitar Birmingham.

The Details

From the 10th - 14th of April, guitarguitar Birmingham will be running a FREE restring event! You’ll have a chance to get your guitar looked after in the skillful hands of our passionate staff who will give it some TLC and fit it with a fresh set of Ernie Ball strings in the gauge of your choosing. 

We’ll also be chatting about the importance of quality strings in maintaining the best sound possible for your guitar. If you're lucky, you may even get your hands on a goodie bag filled with Ernie Ball swag just for coming along!

Be quick - limited spaces available. 

please note: we will only provide restrings on electric guitars at this event.

Call or email to book:

guitarguitar Birmingham



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