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Published on 09 May 2023

Have you ever wanted to record your own music but don’t know where to start?

If modern technology seems a little overwhelming we are here to help!


In recent years, home recording has become one of the most popular hobbies along with playing an instrument itself. The ability to record your own songs at home without breaking the bank means that you can fast-track your career without having to be “head-hunted” by a record company. The only thing you need is the right gear and… the know-how. 

guitarguitar Newcastle is hosting a full week of workshops on home recording to help you get up to speed with the current trends.

So whether you’re completely new to the world of home recording or you’ve experimented with sound already and are looking for more advanced tips, this event is for you!

The Details

From the 22nd May till May the 28th, during the store opening hours (10:00 - 5:30) guitarguitar Newcastle will host a week full of 1-on-1 workshops on home recording. 

Attendees will be allocated a full 1 hour slot with our expert guitarguitar staff, Nick and Steve, who will guide you through the process personalised to your own needs. Nick has years of experience in touring worldwide with a variety of bands and Steve has worked in recording studios and in music venues as a sound technician. You will have the opportunity to ask them any questions you may have, learn how to operate recording equipment, what cables are required, get a rundown on the best speakers and headphones on the market, learn how to run a session and get your arrangement ready for production.

With Nick and Steve’s expert advice and gear demonstration, you’ll have your first single out in no time! 

There is a high demand for all our home recording events so get your slot booked today by phoning our Newcastle store on 0191 261 1568 or e-mailing: newcastle@guitarguitar.co.uk.


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