Neural DSP Quad Cortex Presents: Rabea Massaad Clinics at guitarguitar

Published on 27 June 2023

Not only a force to be reckoned with in our current landscape of guitarists using YouTube, Rabea Massaad is maybe one of the most exciting guitarists to come out of the UK in recent memory! 

The incredibly accomplished guitarist has gained a large and loyal following due to his genre-fluid playing, venue levelling riffs in his music projects (check out his solo material or his work in Toska) and also having some of the coolest signature gear available today including his groundbreaking Neural DSP plugin, which played a part in winning Neural DSP a “Best in Show” title at NAMM 2023. 

Rabea will be focusing on demonstrating how he uses the Quad Cortex live and in studio. He’ll run through the settings, show his techniques whilst giving tips on dialling in the desired tone for your song. Rabea will also play through a few tracks showing you all the ins & outs of a modern guitarist’s setup.

The Details

We will run Neural DSP Quad Cortex special clinics with Rabea Massaad across four guitarguitar locations on the following dates:


18th July  - guitarguitar Epsom

19th July - guitarguitar Birmingham

20th July - guitarguitar  Newcastle

21th July - guitarguitar Glasgow


Each clinic starts at 7:00 pm and will run approximately 1.5 hrs finished off by Q&A. 

Book your tickets ASAP because these will get sold out before you blink!


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