DiMarzio DP158F Evolution Neck ...

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DiMarzio DP158F Evolution Neck Black

Manufacturer's ID: DP158FBK

What we say:

The neck model of Steve Vai's fabled Evolution pickup set is a pretty loud beast! There is a lot of power here but it is more than that: notes and chords keep their shape and definition extremely well and the pickup responds well to volume knob changes. Although designed for Steve's bolt on necked JEM guitars, these sound notoriously good on set neck Mahogany guitars. This neck model Evolution is Black and is the F-Spaced version which is a better fit for most modern guitars.


Obviously, the Evolution® was designed for Steve's Ibanez® Jems, but it can add a lot of punch and definition to Gibson® Les Pauls® and similar set-neck guitars - even the lowest bass notes really jump out of the amp, and feedback occurs easily with a wide range of harmonic overtones.


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