TC Electronic Vortex Flanger

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TC Electronic Vortex Flanger

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Manufacturer's ID: 960680001

This flanger will take you from a classic flange sound to a 747 taking off! The speed, depth, feedback and delay time controls give you a creative and expansive palette of tonal options.

Now compatible with the TonePrint® App for iPhone® and Android™.
The app allows you to ‘beam’ new TonePrints to your pedals in a matter of seconds. Truly mind-blowing technology adds fuel to the fire of creativity and flexibility!


This flanger will take you from a classic flange sound to a 747 taking off! Vortex Flanger allows you to toggle between a classic flange or a through zero tape-flange plus a custom TonePrint of your choice, while the Speed, Depth, Feedback and Delay-Time controls give you a creative and expansive palette of tonal options.

Vortex Flanger is built with guitarists in mind; so it features a small footprint, easy-access battery hatch and is built with the highest-grade components. Vortex Flanger has a true bypass design, and features analog-dry-through.

This pedal ranges from a brain twisting through-zero-flange tape echo over more contemporary sounds to an all-out flange-war, which ensures you will always be able to find the appropriate flange for the job at hand. Vortex Flanger’s through-zero option also gives you the ability to get both a negative and a positive effect to your flange sounds, while the other options allow you to go from a classic tube-type flanger to a more soft sounding tape flanger. The knobs allow you to set the speed of the modulation, but also the depth and the intensity, giving you a set of well-rounded controls. You are also able to set the delay time, which is they key to finetuning the effect, no matter if you’re going for subtle flanging or more extreme jet flanging sounds. Finally, the Feedback knob allows you to feed the modulated signal back into the pedal, which basically gives you more of everything that’s so cool about flanging.

But there is more to Vortex Flanger than meets the eye. We call it TonePrint, and it will rock your world. Via a simple USB-connection, TonePrint allows you to download custom tunings made by your favorite guitarists straight into your pedal, easy, free and fast. A vast and ever-expanding roster of the finest guitarists alive are working with us to give you their custom TonePrint settings, so forget emulation, let’s talk collaboration!

And now... the new TonePrint® App for iPhone® and Android™.

Customer reviews

Overall Rating 5 (2 reviews)

Oh yes, very good pedal. I needed something a touch more that a chorus, this one does more that I expected. Good construction, solid pedal. Sounds and looks great.

nigal g. - 3/6/2020

Ryan L. - 20/5/2019

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