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Manufacturer's ID: 960800001

Spark Booster is a special type of pedal. It's a pedal that will ignite your playing and kickstart your inspiration. And no matter how you decide to use it, it's a guaranteed ear-to-ear grin as soon as the first notes hit you.


What starts as a "just-wanna-try-this-pedal-out"-session turns out to be a 3 hour marathon of new riffs, licks and ideas, without you even noticing any time has passed - because you were too busy having fun and sounding great. That type of pedal.

Realizing your potential.

Spark Booster works wonders as an always on-type of effect - adding life, grit and compression to your sound in a way that just oozes tone and musicality. Add body, punch and warmth to pickups, drive amps to peak performance and enhance the sonic possibilities of existing sounds. Spark Booster also shines when used as a pure level boost. It's the perfect tool to prime solos, highlight parts and add another musical dimension to your amp or Overdrive/Distortion pedal - to really drive that killer solo, lick or riff home.

Spark Booster's feature set is all about you - maximizing what you already have and realizing your potential. The level knob allows you to add 26 dB of boost - it raises your volume without altering the character of your tone in any way. Spark Booster's Gain knob is perfect for adding a hint of breakup or slight compression to a clean amp.

The active EQ controls consist of Bass and Treble knobs - which allow you to cut and boost these frequencies. They form the perfect tone shaping tool and because they are active EQs, Spark Booster can amplify frequency areas as well, and be used to create deep, extended lows or to add beautiful top-end sparkle. Also, Spark Booster is True-bypass, guaranteeing optimal tonal integrity.

Rounding out the feature set of Spark Booster is a little toggle switch that allows for three settings. The ‘Clean' setting means the pedal boosts your signal equally across the frequency spectrum. The ‘Fat' setting fattens up sounds and adds life and punch to your sound, and allows for precise tonal shaping with the EQ and Gain knobs. The Mid-boost section provides a bump in the mids that is both musical and pronounced. It cuts through any mix with heaps of unprecedented clarity and allows you to be heard like never before.

Drive, driven full circle.

Spark Booster is the fourth entry for Overdrive/Distortion pedals in our compact pedal series, and rounds up our lineup on these type of pedal platform. Based on the runaway success of the classic-sounding Dark Matter Distortion, the more modern voiced Röttweiler Distortion and the MojoMojo Overdrive, Spark Booster had to be the grand finale to our take on drive, distortion and boost. Simply put, we wanted to make this one truly special and in order to do so, we took inspiration from our own history.

Rooted in tradition - aimed at rebellion.

Whether you are a starting guitarist or a seasoned pro, chances are you've heard of us at some point. For many this will be about our reputation in Reverbs, Delay and Modulation effects, but for guitarists who know and love their boost- and distortion greats, it will be about one of our first pedals: the TC Electronic Booster + Line Driver & Distortion. A true classic in its own right and the perfect starting point for Spark Booster. To this day, the Booster + Line Driver & Distortion is used by high-profile pros as diverse as Scott Ian (Anthrax) and Allan Holdsworth, and it is a highly sought after pedal on the used market. We took all that made the Booster + Line Driver & Distortion so immensely popular and brought it into the 21st century. And so, Spark Booster is not a 1:1 port, nor is it a reissue or a tribute. Rather than that, Spark Booster represents a modern take on all that made the TC Electronic Booster + Line Driver & Distortion such a fantastic pedal - and the ultimate declaration of our love for amazing boost and distortion sounds, aimed squarely at guitarists that want to spark their creativity.

Spark Booster at a glance:
  • 26 dB of boost.
  • Level knob - drive amps even harder.
  • Place after existing distortion/overdrive to enhance drive sounds.
  • Add grit, life and compression to your tone.
  • Add body, punch and warmth to pickups.
  • Mid-boost - cut through any mix.
  • Active EQ - extended low and high end.
  • True bypass - optimal signal integrity.

Customer reviews

Overall Rating 4.8 (70 reviews)

Really lifts any tone used with it and enhances the sound quite well! Seemed to create a small amount of feed back though when used with multiple pedals on a board.

Ryan O. - 26/3/2020

This is an excellent pedal. If you?re looking for an affordable, great sounding, well built boost pedal I can highly recommend this one.

Chris O. - 23/3/2020

3 sound options great little pedal and won't break the bank on price. Always a far of tc electronic products

Richard . - 23/3/2020

Purchased for solo's....worked a treat.

Stephen L. - 17/3/2020

William P. - 17/3/2020

Works as expected, maintains the current sound and just amplifies the signal without changing the sound.

Matthew D. - 7/3/2020

Took a bit of a flyer on this as I sort of have an end result in my head and im not entirely sure how to get there. i have a hybrid amp that has a touch of valve harmonics that im trying to exagerate. this is a step in the right direction (and with some fiddling might even be the thing) i think what i was expecting was more like a compressor, but this is more or a transparent drive type effect (at least with my amp). however it is first drive pedal that ive loved without faffing about with the dials for hours. am getting nice bluesy /seventies blues rock tones using the clean setting on the toggle, and the gain about midway. the fat setting starts pushing into proper overdriven sounds, but with a nice natural tone. so despite not being exactly what i was looking for (my fault) im really pleased with this pedal. so much so i might gift one to my kid. theres a tiny bit of noise when the level knob goes up high, but i get much the same from my SD1 so either its just the nature of the beast, or my set up

m c. - 29/2/2020

Quality sounds, well built and reliable so far.

Bob C. - 28/2/2020

Got what I wanted at a better price than anywhere else.

David M. - 27/2/2020

Great item

HOWARD H. - 24/2/2020

Shark booster pedal

gareth c. - 22/2/2020

Joseph C. - 22/2/2020

Great price

Richard M. - 20/2/2020

Patrick W. - 26/1/2020

Used it on electro acoustic . Simple to use yet brilliant result.

Sharon M. - 22/1/2020

Michael S. - 16/1/2020

I have used this before. Does what it needs to do

Ray M. - 14/1/2020

A quality product which is so much more than just a booster. It can ever be used as a tone shaper, a mild overdrive and can really help in matching almost any guitar to any amp compensating for wild disparities in EQ and gain between differing instruments. An excellent tool indeed whether used as an occasional effect for solo boosts or as an "always on" item.

philip l. - 14/1/2020

Simon C. - 12/1/2020

Laura D. - 9/1/2020

way better than i expected, works as a booster and also a kind of eq when chained.

Ashley M. - 21/12/2019

Great pedal, with treble bass and gain, great for clean boost pedal I've bought.

Kris s. - 1/12/2019

martin h. - 29/11/2019

Does what it says and a bit more, great quality and for this price, a steal

Sean E. - 29/11/2019

just what I was looking for - good boost with additional controls - can even use it as a gain(overdrive) pedal

MALCOLM R. - 29/11/2019

Good price and performance

Kenneth C. - 29/10/2019

Best price online, and great pedal

charlie w. - 28/9/2019

This pedal is a bargain and what seems to be end of line pricing, and well worth the money. There's a good range of gain and level and with bass and treble to dial in a bit of character on the boost, it's a very flexible boost pedal. I don't find the fat boost and / mids settings that useful, and prefer the clean boost, which still has some overdrive on the gain. I haven't managed to get it to work that well as a rangemaster style treble booster pushing an already dirty amp but that was asking a lot and I have a treble booster that does that much better. Not sure I'd use it as an always on kind of very light overdrive, but you could do so.

Andrew M. - 25/9/2019

Love it - exactly what I was looking for

Barkley M. - 21/9/2019

Fantastic sounding pedal with so many options for the price. Easily stacks up against other more expensive options I own and has become a staple sound on my board.

Benjamin L. - 21/9/2019

josh h. - 26/8/2019

Very handy booster. Low price for a useful resource.

Nigel T. - 26/8/2019

Does what it says on the tin - and extremely well (perhaps better than I had hoped for). Usual TC Electronic excellence.

David M. - 24/8/2019

Liked the spark mini so upgraded to this model for the extra features.

Paul R. - 22/8/2019

I can boost the signal with this pedal just subtly or with a lot of gain. It's easy to sculpt the sound to my requirements. Excellent addition to my pedalboard. Very pleased with it.

Miss K. - 21/8/2019

I bought 2 spark boosters, 1 as a simple volume boost and the other for a slightly distorted boost. For such a simple and inexpensive pedal, they are really versatile.

JAMES S. - 21/8/2019

Decent line booster and good value for the price.

Alan M. - 21/8/2019

I have owned TC effects over the years and always found that they add that certain something to my sound that other makes just have not got. I can only describe it as adding a hi-fi sound even in the off position. This TC spark is an incredible booster pedal and having a drive control is a great bonus. The best booster without a doubt.

glyn k. - 21/8/2019

liam b. - 21/8/2019

Richard P. - 21/8/2019

michael o. - 27/7/2019

Brilliant affordable boost pedal

Dave P. - 23/7/2019

Alot of od pedals will do a similar job with more boost. I like the ability to toggle diff eq presets. I use it as a clean boost/eq with no gain.

SIMON B. - 15/7/2019

Played with it for a couple of hours, used it at a gig next day. Kust what I was looking for.

Andrew F. - 9/7/2019

Used as clean boost not quite as strong as expected

Stephen H. - 7/7/2019

Gives a good boost to sound, for the price can?t go wrong

James . - 2/7/2019

Andres Z. - 1/7/2019

A versatile boost that does the clean well with the extra options for fat and mid range boosts. Low gain and Bass / Treble controls make this a whole load of pedal at a great price. Can't believe I waited so long to buy one.

Richard D. - 28/6/2019

Great bit of kit! Super booster!

Peter G. - 27/6/2019

Top Pedal. Best booster out there.

Jack m. - 26/6/2019

Great addition to my pedalboard

David W. - 26/6/2019

Fantastic flexible boost pedal - performs exactly as specified.

Gerald T. - 26/6/2019

Bought to use on the front end of my amp for s gain boost for solos, i already have a spark mini that i use in the fx loop for a volume boost, set them both up side by side for a volume and gain boost gor solos, like the fat boost option, adds lots of body to single note lines.

matthew f. - 25/6/2019

Excellent service and price. Booster was delivered on time. Will buy from guitar/ guitar again

John W. - 24/6/2019

Good product !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark L. - 23/6/2019

Joseph R. - 21/6/2019

This is a top quality pedal with many uses. I use it to boost a distortion pedal in front of my amp. Thickens up your tone and can even be used as an overdrive. Very versitile.

Graeme H. - 17/6/2019

Great service as always. They are of course...GuitarGuitar!

Matthew C. - 16/6/2019

Have the mini version and saw this at a good discount. Bought and am really happy with it.

Keith M. - 14/6/2019

This is something I should have purchased years ago. While maintaining the integrity of whatever guitar plugged into to it, it simply works its magic on it. If you play through a low power amp such as a 5 or 10 watt valve combo just be sure your speaker will handle the additional power. This pedal can literally turn a 5 watt tube amp into something that will overpower any 20/30 watt solid state amp I have heard. The volume increase is much more than expected. This pedal has to be tried to appreciate what is on offer While TC's demo video is live playing situation the Spark is even better. Must be full of magic fairy dust or something, I can not put across in words just how good this is. Try one for yourself.

John W. - 14/6/2019

I bought this to try to even out the volume difference in the clean & crunch modes on channel 1 of my Marshall DSL40CR. By setting it up as a clean boost with the gain at 9 O'clock, level at 3 O'clock & both tone controls at 12 it not only sorts the problem but leaving it on all the time adds a bit more oomph to both the crunch & overdrive settings without colouring the tone at all. Absolutely fabulous pedal & a great deal at the sale price!

Mike S. - 13/6/2019

Excellent pedal, does exactly what I wanted it to do and more. A top quality product from TC Electronic. Their pedals work exactly as advertised and allow you to get the tones you expect and much more besides.

Jason M. - 27/3/2019

Excellent product in every way

Tracy M. - 27/3/2019

the boost is good but the gain is a little thin

John A. - 27/3/2019

Best booster I have personally used. Can just boost what you've got, or add colour, grit etc if you need it. This will never be leaving my pedal board.

C.R. - 8/10/2015

A great little pedal, the three modes, separate gain and volume, and eq make it far more versatile than most boost pedals. The mid mode is especially good.

R.S. - 21/7/2015

Perfect for adding a small amount of grit and colour to my clean strat tone.

B.P. - 16/2/2015

Fantastic! Will buy from GG time and time again and TC electronic.

J.M. - 4/10/2013

Good service and great to get a 1 hour delivery slot from the courier.

D.H. - 19/12/2012

I love this pedal - a great clean boost that adds a bit of sparkle to your tone, very usable tone controls, clean mid or fat settings and a nice bit of grit/dirt if you want it.

P.G. - 16/9/2012

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