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Strymon Flint Tremolo and Reverb

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Manufacturer's ID: FLINT

The magical combination of tremolo and reverb is the earliest example of a perfect guitar effects marriage. First pioneered within historic amplifiers of the 1960s, this harmonious coexistence has made it's way onto countless records and performances—from early surf, swampy bayou blues, spaghetti westerns, film noir soundtracks, to modern day indie rock. There are certain things in life that just belong together—the blend of tremolo and reverb create the perfect pair.


Given this storied history, there was no doubt that Strymon wanted to develop a studio-class effects pedal that delivered this classic combination. They carefully studied their favorite classic tremolo and reverb circuits, examined the sonic complexities, and faithfully accounted for every detail in their hand-crafted algorithms. Flint harnesses the complete power of a SHARC DSP to authentically exhibit these details.

Flint gives you the soothing, pulsating, and hypnotic effects that were pioneered in vintage amplifier tremolo circuits, along with three classic and completely unique reverb algorithms. You get the sonically complex '61 Harmonic Tremolo, the swampy and sultry '63 Power Tube Tremolo, and the sharp and balanced '65 Photocell Tremolo. You also get the classic '60s Spring Tank Reverb, the inventive '70s Electronic Plate Reverb, and the nostalgic '80s Hall Rack Reverb.

With eight parameters to tweak, you get extensive control over the tremolo and reverb characteristics. Go from splashy, pulsing twang, to throbbing, swampy blues, all the way to ambient, trembling, and serene reverberated pads. Couple that with true bypass, and a high quality analog front end and output section, and you have yourself the history of tremolo and reverb in a pedal-board friendly format.

  • Three hand crafted tremolo algorithms faithfully deliver classic tremolo experiences:
    ’61 Harmonic Tremolo’63 Power Tube Tremolo’65 Photocell Tremolo
  • Three distinct reverb algorithms:
    ’60s Spring Tank Reverb’70s Electronic Reverb’80s Hall Rack Reverb
  • Two tremolo adjustment and tone shaping knobs: IntensitySpeed
  • Three reverb adjustment and tone shaping knobs: DecayColorMix
  • Four “hidden” knobs for extensive tone tweaking:
    Tremolo Boost/CutReverb Boost/CutEffect OrderTap Subdivision
  • True Bypass (electromechanical relay switching)
  • Selectable “trails” mode with high quality Analog Buffered Bypass
  • Adjustable +/- 3dB boost or cut when effect is engaged
  • Powered with a standard 9V center negative DC supply, 250mA minimum
  • Strong and lightweight black anodized aluminum chassis
  • Crafted with love in the USA
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Customer reviews

Overall Rating 4.7 (10 reviews)

Does what it claims to do and does it very well. Strymon provide the versatility of digital with great tone like the old digital kit

Pat M. - 7/2/2019

incredible pedal. I mainly bought it for the harmonic tremolo but the other sounds it can create are spot on. It is very expensive but it will never leave my pedal board. My amp doesn't have built in reverb but I now have access to some of the most accurate, classic sounding reverb out there. sounds very natural and well worth the expense. Very happy

Matt R. - 7/5/2018

Went in to buy a quality reverb pedal, came out with reverb and tremolo, no regrets. Both the reverb and tremolo sound great, very useful, and user friendly

Andrew J. - 27/2/2018

Lovely unit, space saving, two pedals in one and both work really well.

Lynn . - 22/2/2018

It's just really inspiring... makes you want to write music.

Samuel M. - 21/2/2018

Pretty good. Maybe not quite as knock out as I'd hoped, but all works fine. Basic effects seem good quality.

G.H. - 23/7/2015

Had my eye on strymons range for a while and finally plumped for the Flint as then I could have both tremolo and reverb without having to buy a bigger pedal board. Absolutely fantastic sounding pedal! Totally nails the How Soon Is Now sound when we cover it in one of the cover bands I'm in. And the reverbs are great too, try Wicked Game through this pedal! 😉

A.M. - 9/12/2014

Classy pedal . Involving sounds.

M.L. - 3/12/2014

stunning product and worth every penny

M.A. - 4/12/2013

Superb tremolo and reverb, as I would expect from Strymon based on past buying experiences

F.C. - 5/11/2013

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