TC Electronic Ditto Looper

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Overall Rating 4.9 (70 reviews)

Just what I wanted to try. No problems

Tom B. - 17/3/2021

Lorna S. - 26/12/2020

simple to use, lovely construction

christopher d. - 22/10/2020

A P. - 18/10/2020

Lovely thanks I?m going to enjoy this when I get home

darren k. - 12/8/2020

George M. - 25/7/2020

Easy to use and a fantastic addition to my chain of effects!

Pete C. - 6/6/2020

Dominic O. - 5/6/2020

Simple and easy to use well made piece of kit

Barry B. - 3/6/2020

Just for fun ! Perfect for experimenting

Toon M. - 28/5/2020

Sharon M. - 28/4/2020

john f. - 28/4/2020

Jeanie D. - 25/4/2020

easy to use, very compact

George B. - 6/4/2020

Amazing little unit. Really easy to use and great features. My first looper. I don't need to look any further.

Michael C. - 8/7/2019

I can't rate this item myself but my son was very pleased with it once he got used to using it.

Jennifer E. - 12/6/2019

Simple, easy to use and great quality sound.

Jonathan W. - 7/6/2019

Perfect item for me, performs its task perfectly without any superfluous bells or whistles.

Pat M. - 16/3/2019

Great once a problem with my electrics was sorted!

Helen I. - 8/3/2019

All great! Great great great

Philip C. - 17/12/2018

It's food, not brilliant.

Peter D. - 13/11/2018

Great price and product. Easy to use and cheap p&p

MR R. - 11/11/2018

Compact and easy to use, great fun.

Martin S. - 8/11/2018

Does what it says it'll do. Now to practice to make perfect!

Alan T. - 23/7/2018

Not sure if i have it set up properly. I haven?t had time to call or visit the store to find out.

Iain F. - 5/4/2018

Really good looping pedal. Worth the money

Ewen D. - 20/2/2018

Brilliantly simple to use with great online support

George M. - 15/2/2018

Great piece of kit. Simple to use and works exactly and intuitively as you'd expect.

Barry O. - 19/1/2018

Great piece of kit for the price.

Alan C. - 20/4/2017

so easy to use it's just plug and play

S.. - 24/2/2016

this product was recommended by my guitar teacher , its solid, great build quality and a great tool to have to practice with ,wish id known about it ages ago , great for making your own backing tracks.

W.. - 22/2/2016

Product works perfectly and I'm glad I purchased it

S.M. - 22/2/2016

If your play guitar on your own a lot it's a must have. Hours of fun and the quality is unreal!

B.W. - 21/7/2015

Brilliant! amazing practice tool.

D.B. - 21/7/2015

In love, used to have a boss loop station which was too big and expensive. To be able to play freely and easily, 2 buttons to control it is a permanent addition to my pedal board rig.

T.W. - 21/7/2015

Does what it says on the tin

C.D. - 22/5/2015

Great product, works like a dream straight out of the box & completely intuitive

A.M. - 20/5/2015

I bought a looper, I bought a looper, I bought a looper, I bought a looper, I bought a looper, I bought a looper, I bought a looper, I bought a looper, I bought a looper, I bought a looper, I bought a looper....

I.W. - 19/3/2015


H.R. - 19/3/2015

Simple, but effective.. Every guitarist should own one!

D.W. - 19/3/2015

excellent product for the money

R.C. - 19/3/2015

Nice product for a bit of fun, good quality casing.

N.B. - 21/2/2015

brill. just what my practice needed.

V.C. - 17/2/2015

Easy to use looper that does what its meant to, cant fault it for the price its excellent.

K.W. - 16/2/2015

Great product.....very pleased.

N.E. - 16/2/2015

Christmas gift, not yet used. Reviews, however seem positive.

D.P. - 3/12/2014

The looper is great, just as advertised. Pity I had to submit a new order for a power supply for it before I could use it.

N.R. - 14/10/2014

Very pleased with product works fine.

M.P. - 19/8/2014

Couldn't wait to try it. Couldn't put it away, love it - every guitar player should get one.

L.I. - 11/7/2014

Excellent product. just a shame I bought it just before the newer version of the product went in the sale. never mind.

G.D. - 11/7/2014

so simple to use and very well built. the sound quality is awesome but if you run a noise pedal at the front of your chain, you need to turn this off or you can't hear the playback.

D.M. - 17/6/2014

Compact amazing pedal!

F.S. - 17/6/2014

Rated at 10, does exactly what it says.

M.D. - 17/1/2014

The TC Ditto Looper pedal is a fantastic product, an essential piece of equipment for any guitarist who has an interest in making their own music. Very intuitive and easy to use.

A.H. - 14/1/2014

Excellent product, simple to use and amazing sounds, no loss of tone.

A.W. - 2/12/2013

product excellent very good value for little price

R.A. - 27/11/2013

Well made and simple to use, just right for me !

T.S. - 7/11/2013

Great, just what I was looking for. Perfect for practice or live playing.

S.C. - 6/11/2013

Staff very helpful

T.L. - 5/11/2013

Bought as birthday present. My husband delighted with it.

L.F. - 5/11/2013

Great little gadget. Will use this a lot!

M.G. - 17/10/2013

Great pedal, it's exactly what I wanted.

L.H. - 3/10/2013

An truly outstanding product. Money very well spent.

M.T. - 13/8/2013

Magic until the drummer joins in and messes up the timing.

R.S. - 13/8/2013

Just Ace!

J.C. - 13/8/2013

Excellent product.

J.F. - 13/7/2013

Super product.

J.P. - 10/7/2013

Absolutely superb bit of kit

M.H. - 10/7/2013

great siza and price.

M.R. - 9/4/2013

Simple to use! Goodvrepro quality. Small space so good for crowded pedalboard

D.L. - 9/4/2013

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